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my late teen dream and still in my top 3. as of writing this, their new album hasn't come out but i am excited for it. the tracks Beautiful James and Surrounded by Spies are in my repeat playlist since the second i first heard them :3 i wish i looked like brian molko. sad.


this is what my brain sounds like sometimes.

without you i'm nothing

one of my favourites, i usually listen to the one with bowie too. it sounds like how i feel love

running up that hill

the best cover :3 it reaches me

black eyed

one of the first i heard. i remember being amazed at how much placebos lyrics always hit home

special k

i'm on sinking sand... i listened to this a lot in the odd days of 2020 when i fell in love for the first time and found my state of mind reflected in those words... no escaping gravity <3

peeping tom

"i'm just a peeping tom; on my own for far too long. problems with the gear, and nothing left to fear." another from those odd days, when i found myself no longer trying to die. when i realised how alone i was coming out of such a dark place and trying to reconcile the relief with the ache inside. i thought i was a million miles away from everyone until i felt you reach out to touch me

battle for the sun

the first placebo song i ever heard! dream brother, my killer, my lover.

beautiful james

in my head its a love song (i mean..most placebo songs are..) to myself past. but mostly just makes me think of the boy i love haha