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edgy teenage lebis first fav band ever :3
i'm so excited to see them in 5 days so ig its time to finally code this page properly. i couldnt possibly name my fav songs or rank their albums because i adore them all quite equally.

one thing about rammstein that has always stood out and been important to me personally is their music videos.. i dont think i could embed a couple of them on here tho bc they are only available on porno sites 0_0

so im just listing my favourite (easily available and relatively tame if u can say that) MVs of theirs.. theres a lot. some might hav sensitive content in them but ill put a warning for those just in case :3

i recommend watching in full screen in hq with good headphones LOUD !!!! but rammstein would sound good even on a 1800s dusty gramophone so do what u want im not your boss!

du riechst so gut ('98)

in my top three rammstein MVs! or maybe MVs of all time! (which are all probably rammstein anyway....) vampires, dogs, spooky old manor, historical garb, etc. all some of my fav things. the sfx on the eyes is very cool and sexi. truly impeccable :] just wish i could be turned into a spooky vampire by spooky vampire till. :[

mein teil

content warnings: angel blowjob. angel cannibalisation. violence against an angel. public bdsm-themed freakshow behaviour. flashing images!
one of my favourite songs :3 notoriously inspired by der metzgermeister, the rotenberg cannibal, armin meiwes. who you have probably heard of. if you haven't he's a guy who put a personal ad out looking for someone to be killed and eaten. some fucking guy obviously responded and as per his request, meiwes cut off his dick and they ate it together. a thrilling tale all in all, it was consensual (if you can consider a guy actively trying to be cannibalised mentally able to give consent.) but meiwes was sentenced to life in prison. as would be expected i guess. anyway cool song :]

ich will

i always liked this one a lot. the band looks very cool and sexy :] also something about an analogy of media sensationalism and the worship of people who do shitty things, for the fact they did shitty things. probably. anyway cool song :]

mein herz brennt

another favourite! i love the design of the guardian (ol longheaded spookything). iconic. features one of my favourite models, melanie gaydos, who is so beautiful. you can get a better look at Till in the piano version, i adore the colour scheme and makeup effects. he looks scary but also not scary at all. like a sweet and misunderstood cellar-dwelling demon. :]

zick zack

possible warning? an elderly lady flashes her titties for a split second :]
a new one! it seems like rammstein shares the same sentiments towards cosmetic surgery and modern aestheticism as i do. speaks for itself.


another new one :3 i think it portrays the USA pretty well... the cookie cutter suburbia, idea of alienation and isolation equaling freedom, the constant threat of the boogeyman being purposely held over people's heads, and the inevitable destruction it will bring. all that fun stuff. other than that i like the colour scheme, black white and red is the recurrent theme in most industrial music but i still love it because i am edgie.


a classic :3 the part where the band is trying to pick out a new singer (in the context of Till supposedly being dead) and settling on james hetfield is pretty funny :] the ending is even better lmao


content warning fr this time! there's so much stuff in this video and it has heavy themes. depictions of nazi war crimes and persecutions, and the violence with it.
for last, my favourite :] it really plays more like a fucking feature film..ruby commey is so incredible as germania. she is very beautiful. this is probably my favourite of their MVs. i like it so much i can't really put it into words why, hopefully you will understand by watching it. or you might not but i hope you do like it :]