hi im lev aka lebi aka lamb. im a nap-taker, thing think-abouter, aesthetic purveyor, disability haver, wannabe oldschool lolita lifestyler from the buttcrack of the uk. please be nice to me.

my faverit fings

anime lucky star, himouto umaru-chan, asobi asobase, azumanga daioh, watamote, yuru yuri, jellyfish princess, K-ON, pop team epic, aku no hana, serial experiments lain, madoka magica, higurashi, death note, mirai nikki films marie antoinette, suspiria 2018, the grand budapest hotel, fear and loathing in las vegas, the witch, kamikaze girls, annihilation, gone girl, interview with the vampire
yummy tofu, pad thai, miso spinach and rice, monster ultra (white blue and rosa), peach milk boba, diet coke from mcdonalds, vegan nuggies and spicy ketchup, applez games fallout new vegas, fallout 4, pokemon ds games, sims 4 (sorta..), minecraft, red dead, skyrim, ac new horizons
music industrial, electronic, doom/stoner/sludge metal, breakcore, vaporwave, witch house, darkwave, neoclassical, russian doomer rock, noise, hiphop sanrio cinnamoroll, cinnamoangels, usahana, cheerichums, cogimyun, sugar cream puff, keroppi, sugarbunnies, monkichi, pochacco, marron cream
pokemon quagsire, vaporeon, lapras, politoed, furret, drampa, quilava, baby pokemon, rotom, all the little funny fellas and big goofy fellas. misc EGL, j-fashion, cats, sociology, radicalism, feminism, socialism, da internet!!!!11

heres some other shit i like or do or have interest in!!!

  • character building! im one of those grown ass adults who still likes to play with their OCs, and make new ones too. it's a tendency that has stuck with me since early childhood. if only i had the artistic or... write-istic.. skill to put them to use and present them to the world. ah one day.
  • crossword puzzles....i have a lot of puzzle magazines in my room like at least 100 i think. i like skeleton puzzles the best (the kind where you have to fill in the squares AND words with only clues), codewords are fun too but become kind of tedious once you figure out the cypher lol. ironically i hate sudoku and other number puzzles, go figure.
  • fashion. it counts as a hobby to me because of the artistry and research that goes into it. fashion has so much history too, even in the subcultures considered 'niche'. admittedly i know shit-all about normie fashion or even mainstream brands, most of my interest and time goes towards lolita fashion and it's surrounding spheres.
  • reading. i wouldnt call myself a reader though. the number of books i have actually read to completion is small i think. but i am usually reading something. usually articles and pdfs of sociological, political, and/or philosophical books. i like fiction equally as much, i think reading a fictional book and an informational book are completely different activities lol.
  • film! i, for a time, intended to work in the film and media industry because of how much film has always captivated me as an artform. alas i became disillusioned with media as a topic of study because i realised what a consumerist money driven industry it is. i mean, arent all industries today blahblahblah but it still killed my motivation to involve myself in it. i still love film though!
  • i'm into music as literally 99% of people also are. but this is probably the only art form in my interests that i have never (and probably never will) try to take part in myself LOL. i have no musical understanding or talent or skill no matter how i have tried to learn in the past. i like music because song sound good ..thank you music :]
  • uh.. vidya i guess to a certain degree. fallout new vegas and fallout 4 were my number one autistic interest from the ages of like 16-19. i am still autistically interested but perhaps my life does not revolve around it as much now :D i also spend a lot of time playing animal crossing NH, and some pokemon games on the ds too lately...
  • sleeping. besides the fact i'm chronically ill and depressed it's just nice to go z i do it a lot. up to 30 hours a day babey. i am probably giving myself brain damage


I am
ambiguous, androgynous, angel, blond, boy hater, boy in a skirt, boy lover, cat, commie, dude, etc., fanboy, feminist, friend, full of hate, full of love, girlboy, human, introvert, LGBT, man-child, obsessed, odd, opt-out, pro-gay, puppy, socialist, soft, trans-friendly, treehugger, weird, whatever, who cares
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