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hi :] i suck at coding so the structural integrity of this site is less stable than a treehouse made of pipecleaners and so is its aesthetic direction but i wanted to make it anyway so enjoy the atrocity.
i wanted a place i could have ful control over. i am tired of the ad-riddled shitheap that most social media has become today. i hate the new web. i still use it but i feel like i cant be myself on there LOL.
i basically go between youtube, imageboards, fb, toyhouse, and thats it. i used to spend lots of time on deviantart but the **moderN ErA!!!11* caught up with that too and now the layout is shit ....yes im mad. neocities has been a breath of fresh air though even if its a bit dead. social anonymity is very freeing, but on the other hand so is wearing your soul on your sleeve or face or whatever the saying is. i guess im not sure which i prefer :] i can do without laser-targeted advertising every three instagram posts though.

really thinking about revamping this whole site, i feel like the aesthetic doesn't represent me and mah hart and mah sole and stuff like that. idk! it's super annoying to change every page individually (bc i'm too dumb to understand css properly) so i should probably do it soon, but i'm just so lazy and want to take naps instead of doing things. so please if you're visiting my site, imagine it looking a bit more cool and edgy and well-maintained. thank you!


i might make a better one but heres my first ever button hehe
  • [10.10.22] started on my library pages yay. first is the books
  • [24.08.22] started remaking my dream item list yeyyy
  • [18.08.22] finally added a page for my coords!!
  • [17.08.22] i'm back hello :3
  • [23.07.22] completed the 2001 egl questionnaire!
  • [22.07.22] added jojifuku page! wow new content amazimg
  • [03.07.22] just saying hi :] i havent been using this the way i should huh
  • [18.05.22] (irl) me and my bf have joint custody of a DJUNKGELSKOG.
  • [28.04.22] diary entriez and fixing diary section's fucked up scroll..why does that always happen -_-''
  • [19.04.22] added diary pages and fixed the fucked up scroll/height/width on homepage.
  • [09.04.22] started work on closet page
  • [08.04.22] added lolita page
  • epic sitez