100 questions for lolitas

there seems to be lots of versions of this questionaire! this one is from 2001, i simply copied and pasted from rainedragon's blog post!

1. Please tell us your screen name, date of birth, and origin.

my egl insta is heart_gardens but my neocities is puppyface! i was born in 2000. my origin is burger king dumpster (jk its england! arguably worse.)

2. What is your height, weight, clothing size, and shoe size?

i'm 163cm, my shoe size is UK 7, and i dont want to say the rest sorry

3. What made you start doing Lolita fashion?

i discovered it through online dressup games as a kid lolol.... i got my first jsk at a con (an overpriced bodyline dress hehe) and became a 12 yr old ita extraordinaire! then when i started to become a teen i packed it up because teenage boys dont wear dresses. but then i started wearing it again as an adult because i decided i don't care. this time around, less ita and more bankruptcy from closetchild orders... but it makes me happy

4. What is your favorite Lolita genre?

oldschool definitely! i don't really enjoy modern style sweet or gothic, but the 90's-2000's style of both is perfect to me.

5. Do you have any particular commitment to that genre, or your own definition of it?

i wouldn't say i'm committed to 100% authentic old school, that would be pretty difficult lolol... but inspired by or close as possible is what i ideally want to be. i think if you wear authentic oldschool or fruits style lolita nowadays, people will call you an ita. thats pretty sad but i dont typically aim for fruits style anyway haha.

6. Do you have your ears pierced? How many piercings?

one in both earlobes. i used to have a second one in my right earlobe but it closed :'3'

7. What is your favorite brand?

probably baby or ap because i am basic and predictable. i also like meta, heart e, MAM, and emily/shirley temple.

8. What is your favorite outfit?

i don't know :'3 i need to make a page of my coord pics on here!

9. How many lolita friends do you have?

i am a lonelita hah.... i don't know if i would fit in with other lolitas or if they would want me around since the general consensus nowadays seems to be 'no boys allowed' LOL. i have pretty bad social anxiety and i am autistic so making any friends at all is hard! plus i live in a very crappy area of the UK. all the cool lolitas seem to be up north.

10. What was the best thing about doing Lolita?

it taught me to value my possessions more. i used to do a lot of empty consumption when it comes to fashion, which is common in my generation; we have aliexpress shein and amazon churning out whatever's trendy for like, £1 apiece. sure you can buy more stuff with less money but i feel like there's no real value or enjoyment in it. i can look in my closet and know when an item was released, how rare it is, etc, and i like that. also it's beautiful !

11. On the contrary, what is the most disgusting thing?

ah... a lot of lolitas i think do have a bit of spending addiction sometimes, which is the other side of what i mentioned earlier. i think a way to remedy that is being very mindful about what style you like to wear, not just buying something because it popped up and seems cute and relatively cheap. i think the worst thing about lolita can sometimes be the community- although most of the people who are toxic don't even wear lolita and just lurk around looking for people to put down :'D i guess theres no escaping that. but it sucks that this fashion and subculture was founded with liberation from social roles in mind, only for people to use it to enforce social roles and beauty standards even harder! like "oh my god this lolita didn't shave her arms/legs/etc! this lolita is too tall/fat/masculine looking!! this coord doesnt have perfectly matching colour accents, this coord isn't spotless and editorial! ita alert!", etc. it's fucking sad. lol.

12. What is your favorite magazine?

i still don't own any copies of any magazines ah... but i love to browse scans of early glb issues. i especially love the pages with the latest releases from brands of the time, many of which are defunct and/or unheard of nowadays.

13. Headdress group? Team Bonnet? Team Headbow?

team bonnet. although i hate the stiff ott classic kind. a soft full bonnet with not too wide brim worn in the floppy oldschool style is my favourite definitely. i also have some headbows but i have to put more effort into my hair to wear those, and bobby pin them down depending on the style... i suppose headresses are quite simple and easy to wear too. my preference is in that order!

14. Do you have bloomers?

yes but they're quite old. i also lost my only black pair... i need new ones.

15. Do you tie your headdress in front? or are you on the team that ties it behind your head?

front is more secure but back looks better, so usually back and secure with bobbypins. bonnets always tie in front though.

16. Do you have a favorite music genre or band?

industrial, heavy metal, doom/sludge/stoner metal, electronic, some alt/rock i guess? my favourite bands are KMFDM, rammstein, death grips, and placebo.

17. What is your mobile phone ringtone?

the standard iphone ringtone probably? i always keep my phone on silent because it makes me jump when i get notifications... i miss a lot of calls.

18. Do you go to lives in Lolita?

not if it's an indoor type of venue, it gets so stuffy in there. i wore lolita to rammstein in coventry this year though, it was amazing and i would definitely wear it again if i knew the venue would be outdoor and i wouldn't be in the pit LOL

19. For those who go to lives, do you headbang?

ah i suppose so .. :'3

20. What color do you like?

pink! and black, and ivory, and sax!

21. What are your hobbies?

crossword puzzles, reading, surfing the web, drawing occasionally, writing even more occasionally, coding terribly, egl and fashion of course, and recently i've been sort of journal/scrapbook/aesthetic list making...?

22. Please tell me if you have a favorite perfume.

i don't own any. but i would like to. i have found a few i really like but i can never justify spending £30 on a smell LOL.... maybe someday.

23. Is there anything you say “I’m careful about this” when it comes to lolita?

uhh... i try to be careful about my coordination, and what shoes i wear for wherever i'm going or how long i'll be walking? i wear an undershirt whenever i wear lolita to keep my op/blouse/cutsew safe from my skin and sweat and all that stuff, i guess that's careful :'3 OH and i wear invisible socks under and/or over my brand socks so they last longer. my feet are often cold anyway so it is ok.

24. Where are the places you visit / hang out at frequently?

there is not much at all to do in my town. if i go out it is to buy groceries or get some iced coffee. i like going to the nearest city though, that's where my favourite bubble tea is. i almost always wear lolita when i go there! less people stare at you in big cities lol.

25. How many times a week do you wear Lolita?

it depends on the temperature!! i haven't worn lolita in almost a month because of the heatwave. i'm excited for autumn so i can wear it again! if the weather is good at least once a week i try to wear lolita.

26. Please tell us the most embarrassing episode you had when you were a beginner in Lolita fashion.

hmm. i bought a pair of platform mary janes from aliexpress and i nearly broke my ankles every time i made the slightest misstep! they broke upon the first wear. i don't know what i expected lol. i bought a pair of demonia keras after and they are so much better and i never bend my ankle in them because the platform is well shaped.

27. What is your hairstyle and color now?

pretty unkempt, and longer than it's ever been! it goes just past my collarbones. it's blonde but i need to bleach it again. i should go to the hairdresser, i always used to cut my own hair but i don't know how to do long styles... and i don't know what i want either :'D

28. How long have you been in Lolita?

actually wearing it properly, two years i guess? not including my tweenhood ita days LOL.

29. Do you have a dedicated lolita storage space?

my wardrobe! it's getting full though. i recently ordered some cute storage boxes from closetchild so i'll have somewhere to store my headdresses and accessories!

30. Have you ever thought about leaving Lolita? If so, why?

no! :]

31. What is your motto?

scrimblo bimblo scronk de bonk.

32. What are your dreams for the future?

i don't know. i have had a few but they always end up being too much for me. right now my dream is to move out with my boyfriend and have our own house! i see myself staying at home and making nice food (not cleaning though, he can do that) and growing fruit and vegetables and making jams and pickles and stuff...

33. “This person would definitely look good on Lolita!” Are there any celebrities you think that about?

no.. :'3

34. Please tell us the item with the most memories and those memories.

probably my 2006 btssb cul de paris jsk! it was a gift from my grandmother and mother when i was 12, i cried when i saw the plastic bag it came in because it had the baby logo on it! it's pretty short on me now and some buttons came off but it's still very special!

35. What was the first item you got?

bodyline's alice in wonderland trump card jsk in brown. it's not my style anymore at all but when i saw it i fell in love with it LOL. i should probably sell it but it feels strange to give away my first ever lolita item.

36. Do you have a signature pose for taking a picture?

i look so bad in photos!!! what i do is take a video and pose in different ways, then go over the video and screenshot whichever moment looks best LOL

37. What is the “Bible” of your heart? (Like what Books, magazines, CDs, etc. represent your inner self)

hmmmm... i'm sure there is many. i'll update this when i think of them haha

38. How many centimeters tall is the highest heel you have?

my demonia keras are 4 and a half inches! wow. they make me 5'7!

39. Have you ever worn a tiara?

hime is not my style hehe

40. Do you want to be a prince once in a while? What kind of prince? Dark system? Hakubakei?

i have worn ouji before! i dont really ever feel like wearing it nowadays.

41. What kind of lace do you like?

eyelet/broderie anglaise is definitely my favourite. i love when lace has hearts or teddy bears in it!!! i don't much like chemical or tulle lace. i like raschel but i don't own any items with it. torchon lace is nice too.

42. Do you own a (ball jointed) doll? Those who have them are usually so enthusiastic about them!

i always wanted one when i was younger (i was into the whole doll aesthetic lolol) but nowadays not so much. i much prefer stuffed toys, rubberface vintage dolls, and cute figurines like sylvanian families or even cute nostalgic anime ones.

43. What’s inside your lolita bag right now?

tissue, ketchup sachets, rose vaseline, my bus pass, moisturiser, sugarfree sweetener sachets, strawberry gum, and a can of deodorant. not that kawaii :3

44. What is your favorite flower?

i don't know! :D stuff like larkspur, babys breath, heather, wisteria, and sedum. and daisies.

45. What is your favorite accessory right now?

hmmm. i am enjoying hair clips lately. i have some cute pink ones with bows, and some strawberry shaped ones. i like to wear them with casual outfits and lolita.

46. Please tell us your favorite / recommended cosmetics.

i know nothing of makeup. at all. i just mix some foundation or concealer with moisturiser and put that on my face, then... the rest.

47. Bright eyes are the hallmark of being a doll! So do you use false eyelashes? If you have any tips on how to use them, please let me know.

i could never put them on. my eyelashes are so thick and annoying to even wear eyeliner.

48. What is your particular eye makeup style?

black eyeliner (a little bit for sweet or a lot for more gothic coords), white eyeliner on waterline or corner. red brown or pink eyeshadow underneath bottom eyelashes. i can never get eyeshadow to look good on my eyelids. go figure :'D

49. Is your lipstick red? Blue? black? pink?

i don't use lipstick but i like to put chapstick, use eyeshadow (usually red) on that. it stays for longer i find. i also use rose vaseline throughout the day :3 i tried black lipstick once but it didn't stay... maybe i need a better brand? i don't know.

50. What color do you often use for nail polish?

pale/nude pink or black!

51. Have you ever changed your clothes in the toilet at the train station?

no lolol but i would if i had to.

52. Have you ever had twin loli or triplet loli? impression?

no :'3 i think it would be cute! i especially like shiro x kuro twinning coords.

53. What are you doing to keep in shape? Recommendations?

uhh.... pass

54. Are you calm when alone in lolita? (ヒトリでロリータ、平気?)

yes! usually. sometimes i just want to blend in and wear normie clothes though... i guess it depends how tired i feel lolol

55. How much do you spend on lolita each month?

i don't want to know, it's probably at least a couple hundred

56. Did you have any time lag between learning about Lolita fashion and actually doing it or resistance to starting?

yes! i knew about it for a couple years before getting my first dress. and then of course is the very long period of time after i stopped wearing it and then started again.

57. What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought? (In relation to Lolita)

hmm. my heart garden OP. i usually never spend over £200 on a dress unless it's an absolute dream item. this one was an absolute dream item lol...

58. Lolita really costs money, doesn’t it? How do you pay for Lolita?

59. Just here. How much is the total cost you have spent so far?

undoubtedly over a thousand.

60. Is there a store you would like to see nearby?

closetchild! lol. the closest brand store is probably ap paris. i don't think any brand would ever open a store in the UK. i wish baby would though, haha...

61. Just between us, is there a store that makes you say: ‘that’s a rip-off!’?

uh... it's usually secondhand sales that make me say that! used moitie socks for £150...

62. Have you ever used an online shop? If you have, please give us some advice on the good points and bad points. If you haven’t, tell us why not.

it's all i can use because i live in the uk good points: paypal pay in 3. bad points: ridiculous import fees due to brexit :'3'

63. Just between us, even if you want to keep it your own secret, what’s an indie brand that makes you go “this is exactly my style”.

hmmm. lab de merveilles, and rose red memorandum. my favourite headdress is a bonnet from lab de merveilles. as for rrm, i haven't been able to purchase anything but i love their designs and oldschool reproduction~~ i hope to save up and buy some bloomers or a blouse.

64. Absolutely out of reach! But I want it! Do you have any brands or products like that for you?

hospitality doll, either the op or the blouse/skirt set, in any colourway... sigh :'D or any of the items released 10+ years ago by dead brands...

65. What do you do with your tired old clothes?

none of my clothes are tired yet but i do have a few i am tired of or just can't coord or don't like much anymore. i try to sell them.

66. What was the most recent lolita and non lolita item of clothing you bought?

most recent lolita is a floral baby skirt and a bunny bonnet. most recent non lolita is probably a couple of denim skirts from a charity store in my town.

67. What is something you missed out on that you’ll never see again, but you can’t forget?

a velveteen ivory sailor op by angelic pretty from 2002, i didn't have the money at the time... cri

68. What do you think of dressing as a Lolita only during live performances?

i guess live music used to be very central to lolita!! not so much anymore haha.

69. What do you think of No-Makeup-Lolita?

i see no problem! makeup can make a coord look better but i don't think looking as good as possible is what lolitas should strive towards. just do what you like i think!

70. You suddenly meet another person totally wearing Lolita! What do you do?

assume i am dreaming LOL

71. How old is a Lolita allowed to be?

at least a thousand!

72. Under what conditions do you think Lolita should graduate? (You can answer ‘continue forever’)

when you no longer enjoy it.

73. Stop this! Are there any things no one should do in Lolita fashion?

i suppose there are a lot LOL.... the most obvious would be no skirt. personally i don't think you should go paintballing or whitewater rafting or rock climbing in lolita.

74. Do you have a specific sense of what a perfect Lolita should be?

knows and respects and has interest for the history of it! and don't be a dick :'3

75. Other than what you said 73, what is something you wish people wouldn’t do?

i've already talked about what i dont like about the community ^^' other than that, bridging lolita and fetishes/ageplay/etc... ero lolita is a whole other story, but what i always see nowadays is people using sweet lolita in such ways, BECAUSE of the childlike themes. which is... yeah. UH

76. What do you think about Lolita fashion for men?

uhhh HAHA! that's me. mana is the gothic lolita paragon too is he not? boys have a part in lolita and it's history too!

77. Have you changed in any way since you started Lolita?

yes! it made me more appreciative of my possessions and of clothes. i said earlier though hehe. i've also shed a lot of learned social standards. now i only strive to enjoy life and pursue what makes me happy, not caring if others think i'm weird or wrong for doing so.

78. What do the people around you say about you wearing Lolita? Do you accept it?

my family has always been accepting since i was just a kid into lolita. i have always been a little different so i don't think it surprises them. i don't wear lolita or feminine clothes to family events and such though.

79. What kind of lolita fashion do you do in the hot summer months?

either very very casual with camisoles and ankle socks, or not at all LOL...

80. Do you go to school or work in Lolita?

when i was in college i wore gothic lolita a couple of times. but usually i am a crawl out of bed and put on a hoodie and jeans kind of person...

81. What is your usual outfit style?

soft and not ott. i often wear all black.

82. Do you have any objections to second-hand goods?

pretty much all my items are second hand!

83. Do you have a boyfriend (or husband)? Does he understand?

i'm not sure if 'understand' per se but he doesn't object to it LOL.

84. Please tell us your ideal male image.

my bf!

85. What kind of person is the Lolita who left the biggest impression on you?

hmmm. i idolised mana as a kid. perhaps it's thanks to him i even began to wear lolita in the first place! momoko from kamikaze girls too i guess LOL. other than that, there are a few lolitas on instagram and here on neocities that i adore the style of!!! i'm too shy to say who they are though haha.

86. Have you ever made your own clothes? What kind of clothes is it?

no.. :'3 i'm terrible at crafts. i would like to alter and decorate some clothes though!

87. Have you ever made an accessory yourself? What did you make?

a glass bead bracelet that said 'hamborger' on it. it was too small to fit over anyone's hand...

88. This thing I made was a great success! Is there anything you feel that way about?

i rarely feel that way for anything i do! :'D maybe a coord of mine.

89. Tell us if you have an ideal Lolita outfit or coordination.

simple, solid main piece with nice lace and details, one main colour with one or two accent colours, and a bonnet! and lacetopped socks. that simple traditional lolita style is what i like most haha...

90. Is there anyone you admire? What kind of person are they?

maybe some of the lolitas online i mentioned before!

91. You can date any person for just one day. The other person will also dress however you want. Who is it and what kind of date?

me and my boyfriend getting bubble tea and going to a zoo or aquarium or museum or something like that! i'll wear sweet lolita and he can wear whatever he likes LOL. i think it would be cool if i wear gothic lolita and he wears trad goth.

92. What kind of store would you like to have if you were to open one in the future?

jams and pickles...? haha. a boutique would be cute too, selling items from indie brands.

93. When looking at lolita, your eyes will go straight to this motif. What is it?

hm... i like angel motifs. a motif i have a lot of is poodles. seriously, i have two poodle skirts, a poodle jacket, a poodle scarf and beret, and a poodle apron jsk... i didn't think i really liked poodles that much? i guess i must do. also, stuffed toys and strawberries!

94. Do you want your child to be a Lolita too?

i am not cut out to be a parent lolol

95. How much can I spend on one loli outfit?

ah.... a lot?!

96. This is quintessentially Lolita! Is there a certain gesture that makes you think this.

parasols and softbonnets and being unspeakably epic

97. I want to wear that once in my life! Do you ever think that about any style other than lolita?

nanchatte for sure! also decora, fairy kei, visual kei, and cult party kei. maybe even gyaru! i'd also like to try trad goth, vampire goth, and regency inspired outfits with corsets and pearls and jacquard...

98. Looking at your Lolita collection or style, what one word would you use to sum it up?

hmmm. simple? :'3

99. What is your ideal Lolita image?

any of momoko's coords from kamikaze girls!

100. Thank you very much! Please give us your impression of answering 100!

my wrists hurt from typing.