things i'm reading or have finished reading! both fiction and nonfiction. i read some weird and/or political stuff sometimes, it doesn't mean i agree with the sentiments therein LOL, just putting that out there because i know what zoomers are like these days 0__0 then again there are works that i pretty much wholeheartedly concur with. so have fun figuring out which! it should be easy.

angela y. davis
women race and class

i read about two thirds of this before it literally got eaten by the fucking dog. i don't leave books unattended anymore. :[
i recommend it to anybody, whether they are interested in or regularly read feminist, socialist, or political media, or have never read such things before. davis writes about the relationship of the emancipation movement to the suffragist movement, and of the anti-racism (idek the right word, it's been a while since i read this) movement to feminism, and overall how class affects both. i like learning about that kind of thing. i'm sure if my silly self can understand it, anyone can.

madeline miller
song of achilles

one of the only pieces of media, and the only book, that ever made me cry :'3 although i was sick and woozy when i read it so maybe it doesn't count... i know people joke a lot about gay people being really into greek mythology as a kid, but it was true for me so i guess that's part of why i loved this book so much. it's gay and about greek mythology. it made me inspired to write, actually.

colourless tsukuru tazaki

it didn't have the same effect on me as kafka on the shore but i still read it all in one go, and i still really enjoyed it. it was sweet and pretty sad, very subtle but still has such an important message. i wanted to throttle the main character out of frustration but i think that's the point... i know someone like that in life, so i could empathise with literally every character who he had had relationships/friendships with. the kind of relationship where you spend so much precious time together with a person and yet feel completely invisible and unknown to them. ouch. i found an article someone wrote about the book and my favourite and most related-to character in it. spoilers obvs.

kafka on the shore

i loved this book. i read it in the summer in my bed with the sun shining on me through the window. i think i read through the whole thing almost nonstop, which i rarely do unless the book is very short or very captivating to me. all of it was odd, like something out of a dream, even the characters. it was eerie at times. it seems odder looking back on it than it felt reading it, if that makes sense.

andrea dworkin
right-wing women

i was introduced to andrea dworkin's work by stumbling upon another neocitizens collection of quotes from this book. i don't think my words could do it justice, so i just recommend everyone just read it if you're interested! there are pdfs around google if you search. since most of the political texts i've read thus far have been about class analysis, this was a good bridge into my own further exploration of feminist literature and i'm eager to read more.

vladimir nabokov

'why not' said lebi. 'its classical literature right?' said lebi. 'im sure it's not horrible' said lebi. anyway couldnt stand the prose style (dear god) nor the premise (dear GOD) i forced myself through about half of it before i had mercy on myself and put it down. there's subversive media and then there's that. generally i enjoy the former but i don't think i'll try and read this again.

chuck palahniuk
fight club

male manipulator bible. jk it's good. some of the most relatable lines ive read about dissociation (whether or not you think the narrator truly dissociates or not, but i do). if you like the movie the book is (as usual) even better. fuck tyler durden though kaczinski did it better. i enjoy palahniuk a lot so to be honest i can read this book without particularly caring about any message or meaning, which i know for sure has been written about and analysed at length by basically everyone already. it's just plain fun to read.

chuck palahniuk

gross. revolting perhaps. sickening, even.
i enjoyed it.

valerie solanas
s.c.u.m manifesto

project mayhem could never.
besides the bioessentialist sentiment and the 'y chromosome is what make man bad', she was kind of spitting facts though.. it's somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but there is genuineness and righteous anger behind it. as a 16 year old art student and warhol fanboy i kind of hated her, but as an adult (and having learned more thoroughly about her)... i get it. as much as i can, as a member of the male sex, that is