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2000s egl questionnaire!

lolita fashion is important to me :3 i first discovered lolita and fairy kei through princesspeachie's deviantart when i was like 10 lmao.. i dabbled in it when i was a tween and then stopped wearing it out of shame as a teenager because a teenage boy can't wear lacy dresses without getting flayed alive by his friends and it would be embarrassing. i got into visual kei and goth as a replacement for it, they're polar opposites on the aesthetic spectrum but i love both lol. i stopped wearing j-fashion altogether until recently but it's been an interest (of varying intensity) for all my life!

fav brands: baby the stars shine bright, emily temple (/cute), metamorphose, old angelic pretty (like pre-2007), MILK, shirley temple, innocent world, heart e, (black/) peace now, maxicimam, jane marple, ank rouge, angel blue, mezzo piano, hysteric glamour, nile perch, daisy lovers, candy stripper

fav substyles: i am mostly a sweet and oldschool lolita occasionally an oldschool gothic lolita. but to be honest i'm so badly versed in gothloli that i'm not sure if my coords are gothloli or just kuro sweet... i'm also a filthy fruits magazine idoliser. i want to emulate the aura of those old streetsnaps from the 90s/early 2000s harajuku bridge scene. i also love the proto-lolita stuff. lolita before it was lolita. i don't like how fine-tuned and editorial modern lolita has become, how everything has to be perfect or else you're an ita. not to mention how plasticky and cheap and mass produced most lolita releases have become. 2000s lolita forever. i am cringe but i am free.

my style: overall i'd say my coords are either pink or black... there is not much inbetween. those are my two favourite colours to wear. i love ivory and shiro too but i am a messy boy and WILL get chocolate milk or spaghetti on it. i don't like prints much. there are a couple i adore (toy fantasy...) but i much prefer simple solids, patterns, or applique/embroidered details. my taste in pieces is very simple even though i adore crazy proto-lolita harajuku bridge fruits magazine looking stuff. i go through phases with what i wear and what i want for my wardrobe. currently i'm very into sweet nostalgic styles such as jojifuku. mezzo piano, old ap, nile perch, shirley temple, strawberry hair accessories... ahhhhhhhg. i wish old ap was not so popular. i am broke

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