this page is where i put all my dream dresses and dream items. currently being updated! ^-^

onepieces jsks + aprons blouses + cutsews skirts + sets etc


cotton-raschel trumpet sleeved op (meta, 2005)

i love raschel but don't like 100% raschel pieces so this is the ideal compromise LOL. white or black (which i cant find pics of..)

rose garden op (btssb, 2004)

i cant find any more pics or info on this but it's beautiful. one was sold years ago but the images no longer load

sweet teddy-chan op (ap, 2007)

pink colourway. it has a hood.... with teddy ears T-T the tiers on the skirt are so endearing too...not to mention the little teddy shaped pocket WAHHH

raschel lace op (meta, 1999)

another op i cant find any other pics for! ;0; definitely a holy grail for me though. doubt i will ever find it- and if i do, i doubt i could afford it LOL :'3

detachable sleeve and collar op (btssb, 2001)

this is a longstanding holy grail of mine. it really shows the versatility of older lolita pieces that i want to own as daily wear...

gobelin shirring ops (maxicimam)

there are two other releases with slightly varying colour, i adore all but ESPECIALLY the blueish one! the collar and sleeves are removable which makes me want it even more heh

meta's sack-style sailor ops

pictured is the 2005 longsleeve op, and on hover the 2001 tartan op, but i love pretty much every colour, pattern, and version.

strawberry-chan shirred op (ap, 2002)

the iconic strawberrychan op... the pink version is definitely a holy grail for me, specifically in this shirred cut!!