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hi :] i suck at coding so the structural integrity of this site is less stable than a treehouse made of pipecleaners and so is its aesthetic direction but i wanted to make it anyway so enjoy the atrocity.
i wanted a place i could have ful control over. i am tired of the ad-riddled shitheap that most social media has become today. i hate the new web. i still use it but i feel like i cant be myself on there LOL.
i basically go between youtube, imageboards, fb, toyhouse, and thats it. i used to spend lots of time on deviantart but the **moderN ErA!!!11* caught up with that too and now the layout is shit ....yes im mad. neocities has been a breath of fresh air though even if its a bit dead. social anonymity is very freeing, but on the other hand so is wearing your soul on your sleeve or face or whatever the saying is. i guess im not sure which i prefer :] i can do without laser-targeted advertising every three instagram posts though.

2023 UPDATE this site has been half-abandoned :'3 not because im no longer interested in maintaining or creating it but because it feels too centered on only a very small part of my interests, almost like a sanitised version of my personality LOL.. i am still using this for fashion and lolita related stuff, but my personal site is elsewhere and not linked to this one.


i might make a better one but heres my first ever button hehe
  • [20.04.23] happy new year -.- forgot to put that i updated my wardrobe into separate pages so ur pc doesnt have to load 400 images at once ur welcome <3
  • [10.10.22] started on my library pages yay. first is the books
  • [24.08.22] started remaking my dream item list yeyyy
  • [18.08.22] finally added a page for my coords!!
  • [17.08.22] i'm back hello :3
  • [23.07.22] completed the 2001 egl questionnaire!
  • [22.07.22] added jojifuku page! wow new content amazimg
  • [03.07.22] just saying hi :] i havent been using this the way i should huh
  • [18.05.22] (irl) me and my bf have joint custody of a DJUNKGELSKOG.
  • [28.04.22] diary entriez and fixing diary section's fucked up scroll..why does that always happen -_-''
  • [19.04.22] added diary pages and fixed the fucked up scroll/height/width on homepage.
  • [09.04.22] started work on closet page
  • [08.04.22] added lolita page
  • epic sitez