this page is where i put all my dream dresses and dream items. currently being updated! ^-^

onepieces jsks + aprons blouses + cutsews skirts + sets etc


cotton soft bonnet

a white one and a pink one :3

velveteen soft bonnet

a black one with white lace, and an ivory one! honestly i want a bonnet in every color combo and fabric..

demonia dank 112s

super old..they don't make em like they used to ;__;

keyboard bag (ap, 2003)

i love these kind of cute novelty oldschool releases as much as i love the classic doll-like ones.

angelic school bloomers (ap, 2007)

they were sold with the op. i wanna pair to go with my skirt :3

cross brooch (meta, 2003)

it inspires joy.

pink angelic school backpack (ap, 2007)

i wonder if any of them still exist lol.

crown bag (mam, 2006)

to wear this with the matching cutsew would be so cool :^]

raschel soft bonnet

another bonnet what a surprise :0 i really want a black one with white lace, can't find one though ahh

angel earmuffs (heart e, 2000)

angel bag (heart e, 1998)

this and the earmuffs? unattainable. but i need them.

etoile feather necklace (ap, 2013)

ap jewelry is so expensive but i'd probably pay for this pretty thing heh