this page is where i put all my dream dresses and dream items. currently being updated! ^-^

onepieces jsks + aprons blouses + cutsews skirts + sets etc

blouses + cutsews

camisole with sleeves (btssb, 2004)

i love camis because theyre basically all i can wear in summer :'3 and this one is adorable, i think the sleeves make it more suitable for the modesty of lolita without being too warm hehe

removable collar crown cutsew (mam, 2003)

i adore the pink and the bag with the same motif!

sugary carnival parka (ap, 2011)

i've always wanted a pink and blue sugary carnival coord for some reason....

teddy lace sailor cutsew (btssb, 2003)

there is also a similar cutsew using this lace which i adore! i love basically all baby's old teddy lace items <3

happy tartans short sleeves blouse (sumire, 2022)

i was going to get this in red as a bday gift to myself but i would have gone bankrupt for the month so it remains on my wishlist LOL

raschel lace blouse (meta, 2007)

the various things i would do for meta's raschel items.. ahh

back shirring princess sleeve blouse (btssb, 2006)

i used to hate princess sleeves but now they're my favourite...

rabbie chan cross parka (meta, 2003)

i can't really find any other info about this item or even sales listings from the past but i still want it.