this page is where i put all my dream dresses and dream items. currently being updated! ^-^

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JSKs + aprons

bunny-chan pocket jsk (ap, 2009)

PINK! the pompom tail on the back.. and animal ear pockets.. i love it so much i could throw up.

shirring tiered ribbon jsk (meta)

released a couple of times i think, and once in gingham which i also adore (especially the pink!!!).

hem scallop jsk (corset lace ver.) (btssb)

i'd like a black and white one, but the sax and the navyxred pictured are my favourites.

crown button tiered jsk (iw, 2003)

i love innocent world's tiered jsks so much... i missed out on the pink colourway a while ago and never recovered LOL. the crown buttons are so cute.

happy tartans apron (sumire, 2022)

this whole series has my heart! i couldnt decide which colours i loved most. now i can say it's the red and the sax

ladder lace bouquet print jsk (meta, 2004)

this is my favourite item using this fabric! id kill for this in antique blue (pictured) :'3

heart apron (btssb, 2004)

definitely a holy grail because i'm only interested in this release, as it seems to be the only one with the pockets!! the heart lace + details are adorable.

burberry boxpleat jsk (meta, 2002)

it is trimmed with the cross lace that i love, and gorgeous little embroidery,, ♥ i don't know if it would suit me but i adore it.