this page is where i put all my dream dresses and dream items. currently being updated! ^-^

onepieces jsks + aprons blouses + cutsews skirts + sets etc

skirts + sets

cape and skirt set (meta, 2004)

more raschel. the sax and the black colourways are probably holy grails for me.

hospitality doll skirt + blouse (meta, 2003)

the whole set is a dream, the op looks too short even for me though :'3

gingham check blouse + tiered skirt (btssb, 2003)

blouse; skirt

thierry skirt (btssb, 2003)

the generous lace curtain-esque tiers... so perfect :'3

god save the lolita skirt (btssbxtakemoto, 2003)

the novala takemoto x btssb collab items are longstanding dream items for me, but most especially this skirt!!

sugary carnival skirt (ap, 2009)

blue or pink colourway!<3

sheep garden skirt (ap, 2011)

the only print i really love besides sugary carnival. sheeps!!<3

teddy chan skirt (ap, 2007)

exactly the same as the op but just the skirt ha. i don't know which is more likely to come up for sale though 3: