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codimg is hard and idk js so this is layed out a bit weird... anywey i write here *fard*



i havent been posting entries for a while, i think iv just been more focused on other parts of the site hehe. anyway i actually won the auction for the skirt!! i was the only bidder which is pretty amazing, i would have thought a lot of people would be interested :'3 i'm so excited for it to arrive.

i went to my favourite vegan cafe this week which was yummy. i also went to see shrek 2 in the cinema (me and my bf got tickets for dirt cheap because i said i was 16 for a junior ticket hehe. sometimes having stunted growth works in my favour). that movie is a goddamn masterpiece. animation peaked with that movie. it's so funny and the textures and animation and everything is just amazing :]


woops that was a long time i disappeared for ;_; i went camping and then i had a kind of rough week and then i had my epic bday yesterday!
i guess ill write about the camping now!!

i spent a week in wales :3 the first two days were very rainy and my tent turned out to be not waterproof like at all. so i spent the first two days wishing i had never left my room. but after that it was really hot outside and my tent became an oven -__- sigh. we went to a nice seaside town and i bought strawberry sorbet (it was very very delicious.) and we also had a very delicious vegan butternut squash pastry while we were there.. and i found lots of dead crabs on the beach! i think the seagulls eat them, they were not very intact. i enjoy finding dead things because i am odd. and these crabs were huge!! ive never seen such big crabbos. i also found a couple of live ones, one very very tiny and one just small and blue. there was also lots of rockpools with tiny fishies and AMENONIENENMEIES!!!!! i cannot pronounce or spell that shit but you know the odd jelly squishy things that stick to rocks and have like.. tendrils that they can retract. there were so many. some just looked like little tapioca bobas. i poked so many of those things. they feel like bobas too.

we also went to a big farm/zoo thing? and saw so many cool animals :3 no monkeys though which is sad cause theyre my fav. i petted a big tortoise, a very friendly goat, and some sleepy sheeps. and i had some onion rings.

oh and there was a siamese cat that roamed around the campsite a lot! we made friends with it and it followed us into our tent!! it was very polite and fluffy.


for my bday i went to the city with my bf :3 we got bubble tea which i havent had in ages so it was super yummy. then we went to our fav sushi place and shared lots of dumplings and avocado maki. then we went to a mildly overpriced retro store and i bought some very cute angelic clothing! my fav is probably this long peach coloured peignoir, i've wanted one for so long and it's so perfect ^-^

then we watched the new jordan peele film (nope)! i really enjoyed it! it was both funny and very scary at the same time. it's sort of like one of those movies where you just want to read reddit threads about it after watching LOL.. i recommend it! that reminds me i need to start my spookymovie ranking/review page hehe.

after i got home i saw that an absolute dream item of mine (which i really never ever thought i'd see for sale) got listed on lm ;0; i bid on it, i really don't know if i'll win it but it's so funny it was listed on my bday :'3