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codimg is hard and idk js so this is layed out a bit weird... anywey i write here *fard*



i wore my bunny bonnet out a couple days ago and it actually looks cute if i curl my hair! ^-^
me and my bf went to a little vegan cafe and had some yummy chocolate orange ice cream omg its so good LOL..... expensive as hell but good.
i'm going camping for a week or so. kind of worried about what i'll eat in a tent for so long ajsajdjd.... guess ill try not to worry about it :'3

i'd like to maybe set up a page of my coord pics before then! if it's not up by monday it will be probably in a couple of weekz lol im lazy..
anyway coord picz!!!!


i'm ill :[ but my bunny bonnet arrived!!!!!
but it looks kind of goofy on me... i have a small head... it looks too big and floppy on me... sad :[[

i ordered some exotic fruits and they should be arriving in the next hour! excited to finally try a prickly pear and a cherimoya. luckily most of my sense of taste has come back despite being so ill... i'm hungry... and my head hurts :[[
EDIT: i forgot to put this pic of my new skirt i bought with the bonnet!!!!!!! its SO pretty i'm gonna wear it with my new jane marple vest <333


i have felt the pull of the void this month like never before... so i bought a bunny bonnet
from what i can see it looks like the 2008 version. it has been a very much wanted item for me for years :'3 i could never justify the price though... but i guess this time i couldnt bear to see it get sold to anyone else LOL. its MY turn on the bunny bonnet!!!

i think i will force myself to clean my room now... it has become a depression den again :l


not good lately :'3 i dont have energy to draw which is making me really sad because i was looking forward to artfight and quite a few people drew for me and i always like to draw in return. 3: i only really have the energy to lie down and watch movies or play animal crossing....

its kind of embarrassing .___. i know its not my fault im ill but im embarrassed and ashamed of it anyway.


i finished another oc ref yesterday, he's more of a cringey self-insert/sona thing really akhskfhk
i finally collected my meds after being off them for like.. 2-3 weeks... i think i withdrew from them somehow within that time because i feel like shit now im taking them again :'3 kind of weird how the first thing antidepressants do is..make u more..depressed..... like .__. i get why but. why.

ANYWEY im on episode 16 of the comprehensive history of chris chan and damn lol the internet was truly a mistake. if chrischan had gotten the necessary help and support and people hadnt literally tormented him to insanity maybe things would be different now. probably. maybe i empathise with him so much because im also autistic and can see myself in him 0__0 maybe not to a big extent, i'd like to say i'm SLIGHTLY more socially aware and dignified hahahahehehgeh,,,, but yeah a few moments were painful to sit through and hear, the way people spoke to him and put so much effort just to torment him reminds me of school bullies who purposefully rile kids with disabilities. i guess some people never grow out of their school bully phase. and look at what that causes lolol.

also sweet berry op by ap is on cc in my most desired colourway but its 44k yen so i can't get it. pain. if any sweet-berry-appreciators read this, ur welcome. and if its sold out or u are broke, im sorry. lets cry together :[


i went to pride with my bf yesterday! most things were closed because we got there too late (i slept in by accident,,) but i bought a cool dolphin watch and a snake ring to match my snake earrings :3 and we had some very delicious but expensive food from the vegan cafe.. which i have been craving since... :s
and then i drew my first attack for artfight this year! im getting back into drawing and it no longer feels like a chore lol,, i'm excited to participate properly this year! i'm going to try and make one of my character refs today and then do another attack if i have time :3
if youre doing artfight too then tell me ur username and lets follow eachother! im on team bloom :]