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codimg is hard and idk js so this is layed out a bit weird... anywey i write here *fard*



since the days have gotten shorter all i've been able to do is sleep...my mom always used to say i get very floppy and depressed in the winter so i guess it's that. i want to start working on my site again, i really miss doing that. i need to update my wardrobe page and show off my new burando hehe.
my bf got a haircut today and he looks very handsome but i still nearly cried since all his beautiful long hair is (mostly) gone

in other news i found some btssb winter ponchos and bunny ear cardigans for cheap so i can actually still wear lolita this winter yay :] slowly curating my wardrobe to be as matchable and coordable AND wearable as possible. still lacking in the accessories department but oh well :'3 i keep telling myself i'll buy a cute ap necklace but the price always deters me. for someone whos entire hobby revolves around purchasing clothes, i am quite a cheapskate.

anyway here's my latest coord for the colder weather :3 it was actually very warm and cosy even with just the poncho, i didn't need a cardigan under it yet or anything. i think black x ivory is an underrated combo. maybe it's my favourite combo now! i hate socks over tights but it was cold and i have hairy legs i cba to shave